Being a Mother

Being a Mother

When you find out you're a mother, you have so many emotions running around in your mind. Some are good, some are bad... (iykyk) but it is definitely all over the place. At least it was for me like I didn't know what to think. Especially since me and my now Fiancé weren't even together when I had the first one... (another story for a different day lol) but emotions were ROLLING. However, that connection that I had with my baby was instant because I knew he wasn't going anywhere and that I was going to love him forever. 

Welcome to Key’s Thingz, where we learn how being a mother is to me.

It starts when you are freaking out, texting your girls, letting them know that you missed your period; but your period is irregular so you’re good and all this nonsense really. Like you know that you are pregnant but it’s happening to you type feeling. That’s when the connection started for me. I’ve always known that I would have my babies, so I had to accept what was happening quick and make sure I was being a mother no matter what was happening around me. 

So I forced myself to be happy during my pregnancies because I knew that would be healthier all around. Plus, my mom has always told me that a perfect baby is a healthy baby, so by nature, being a mother to me means that your babies need to be healthy. And for my babies to be healthy, I needed to be healthy as well. Therefore, I kept that train going to keep me moving forward and to make sure that I was being a great mother to my kids then too.

Once I had both of my boys, I realized that I needed to figure out my life quickly since I didn’t want any regrets nor did I want to see my kids as anything else other than my motivators. I want them to see me fighting and going after what I want so they know that they can do it too when they get older. I want them to see that their mom never gave up on her dreams so they won’t ever have to. I just want them to see me so that I can see them better. I believe that I can only do that by being the mother that is 100% her at all times because being in control of your body is a great feeling. 

Now I am re-learning who I am and figuring out my next chapter in life. It has been a journey for sure but I am very proud of the person that I am becoming. I am extremely proud of who my boys are turning out to be as well. Blessed that my relationship with my Fiancé is growing. Also, grateful that my drive to succeed as an artist didn’t die. 

If you are a mother, keep killing it and do whatever that you feel that you need to do to be you and keep your babies healthy. If you do not have a kid and you are reading this, I hope that you never stop being you. Knowing yourself and being in control of every decision you make is a natural high that is amazing. On top of that, you are amazing and I promise the world (as in your world) wants to see you!

Feel free to share how being a mother is to you, or just share. Thank you for being here today :)

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